Heal inflammation the keto way―an easy, all-in-one cookbook and meal plan

This simple and straightforward resource for starting and sticking to a keto anti-inflammatory diet includes more than 100 tasty recipes that emphasize anti-inflammatory ingredients.


Then, dive into the 2-week meal plan that puts your new lifestyle into action, with pre-planned meals that make it easier to live inflammation-free.


A Heart-Healthy and Sustainable Approach to a Low-Carb/High-Fat Way of Eating

The heart-healthy Mediterranean diet meets the fat-burning power of keto!

The Mediterranean diet has long been revered as one of the healthiest ways to eat―but what if you could make it even better? The Essential Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet Cookbook combines the heart-healthy and fiber-rich foods and healthy lifestyle habits of the Mediterranean diet with the low-carb, moderate-protein, and high-fat ratios of the ketogenic diet. Discover this powerhouse combination diet that will help you lose weight, improve your cardiac and gut health, and feel more energized.

The Essential Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet Cookbook outlines the hows and whys of the diet in detail and provides two weeks of meal plans to get you started. Including 100 delicious recipes like Greek Egg and Tomato Scramble and Braised Short Ribs with Red Wine, the dishes also use everyday ingredients to set you up for sustainable, long-term success.

This ketogenic Mediterranean diet cookbook includes:

  • Best of all worlds―From weight loss to cardiac health to improved cognitive function, see why this diet is a winning combination.

  • Understand the science―An explanation of macronutrients and how our bodies burn fuel will help you understand the science of the diet and why it works.

  • Jumpstart your new lifestyle―Comprehensive shopping lists and meal plans guide your successful transition into ketosis.

Add the calorie-burning science of Keto to one of the most recognized, natural food-based diets in history and you get The Essential Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet Cookbook.


Feel Better and Take Your Life Back

My recently published book, The Natural Candida Cleanse, uses low-carb/high-healthy fat dietary intervention to restore gut health and regular GI function, reduce inflammation, and improve energy, mood and quality of life.  Click on the link below to purchase this book on Amazon and contact me for more information on an individualized approach.


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