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Heal inflammation the keto way―an easy, all-in-one cookbook and meal plan

This simple and straightforward resource for starting and sticking to a keto anti-inflammatory diet includes more than 100 tasty recipes that emphasize anti-inflammatory ingredients.


Then, dive into the 2-week meal plan that puts your new lifestyle into action, with pre-planned meals that make it easier to live inflammation-free.


The ketogenic diet offers a host of potential health benefits, from weight management and reduced inflammation to improved energy levels and overall well-being. But even with the best of intentions, navigating everyday food choices while sticking to your nutrition goals can be challenging if you don’t have a solid plan to guide you. This keto cookbook makes it easy to start and maintain a ketogenic diet, with 10 themed meal plans and more than 125 flavorful, beginner-friendly recipes to set you up for success.

Inside this keto cookbook, you’ll find:

  • A keto diet recap

  • Plans for any lifestyle

  • A focus on nutrition

The Essential Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet Cookbook outlines the hows and whys of the diet in detail and provides two weeks of meal plans to get you started. Including 100 delicious recipes like Greek Egg and Tomato Scramble and Braised Short Ribs with Red Wine, the dishes also use everyday ingredients to set you up for sustainable, long-term success.

This ketogenic Mediterranean diet cookbook includes:

  • Best of all worlds―From weight loss to cardiac health to improved cognitive function, see why this diet is a winning combination.

  • Understand the science―An explanation of macronutrients and how our bodies burn fuel will help you understand the science of the diet and why it works.

  • Jumpstart your new lifestyle―Comprehensive shopping lists and meal plans guide your successful transition into ketosis.


When a vegetarian cookbook meets the traditions of Mediterranean food, delicious things happen. This vegiterranean cookbook combines the health benefits of both extraordinary diets without requiring a lot of time and effort in the kitchen. Get ready to enjoy everything from rich and filling Fettuccine with Arugula Pesto to the sweet simplicity of a Creamy Berry and Almond Quinoa Breakfast Bowl―all in 30 minutes or less.

This vegiterranean cookbook has:

  • The basics―Discover a complete rundown of this combo diet and lifestyle, including its many health benefits, what to stock, and more.

  • Easy preparation―In addition to taking 30 minutes or less from start to serve, many of these recipes also feature other conveniences, like one-pot cooking or limited ingredients.

  • Nutrition info―This vegiterranean cookbook makes it easy to keep an eye on health with recipes that list calories and other important nutrition facts for every serving.


Discover how keto can work for you! No matter your reasons for changing what you’re eating, Keto After 50 gives you a detailed overview of what keto is, how it can help you lose weight, and the other unique benefits it offers. Set yourself up for success with a satisfying meal plan, helpful shopping lists, and more.

Keto After 50 features:

  • Keto explained―Learn all about ketosis and necessary macronutrients specifically for people over 50, as well as how the ketogenic diet can help with everything from cardiac health to neurological function and arthritis.

  • A 28-day plan―Keto After 50 helps keep your new diet manageable with four weeks of pre-planned meals that ease you into the ketogenic diet and help you establish sustainable habits for long-term success.

  • Bonus recipes―Go beyond the meal plan with additional recipes that help you plan your own meals and cook up even more keto-friendly breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks.

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You can reset your body’s balance with the right food. The Natural Candida Cleanse is an all-natural treatment for candida overgrowth through dietary intervention. If you’ve been diagnosed with candidiasis, these user-friendly dietary tips and savory recipes can provide you with much-needed relief from your symptoms.

Complete with information on what candida overgrowth is, what the symptoms are, the role of probiotics, and much more, this book embodies a holistic approach that will help you achieve a healthy microbiome and feel your best. The Natural Candida Cleanse is exactly what the dietician ordered.

This book includes 40+ enticing recipes―With delicious foods like Southwestern Stuffed Peppers, Crispy Coconut Salmon, and Chocolate-Almond Chia Pudding, you won’t be missing out.

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